Exhibition Opportunities

-6 SQM
-9 SQM

Speaking Opportunities

-Morning Workshop Day
-Lunch Workshop Day

Virtual items

-Mass Communications: Banner in 1 e-blast
-Mass Communications: Banner in 2 e-blasts
-Mass Communications: Banner in 3 e-blasts -Wi-Fi(limited to 1 sponsor)

Branding Opportunities

-Symposium Dinner(Limited to 1 sponsor)
-Lunch Break-Coffee break
-Delegate bags(Limited to 1 sponsor)
-Bag insert
-Lanyards(Limited to 1 sponsor)
-Programme Insert: 1/2 page inside A5 or A6
-Programme Insert: Full page inside A5 or A6
-Programme Insert: Inside front or back cover-Seat drop in a session
-Roll-up at the entrance

For more information, do not hesitate to contact [email protected]

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